Green Steel: RENK supplies special gearboxes for the production of “green steel”.

2023-08-21 17:19:46 RENK Bearing 4966

RENK Group, a market leading manufacturer of mission-critical drive technologies, is supplying three high-speed special gear units via RENK-Maag GmbH, a group company, for compressors for the production of so-called green steel to Siemens Energy Compressors GmbH as part of the “SALCOS” (Salzgitter Low CO₂ Steelmaking) project of the Salzgitter AG steel group. The three integral gear units will be used in the compressors of a direct reduction plant of the SALCOS project at the Salzgitter site. RENK is thus underlining its position as a key supplier for the energy transition.

“We are very pleased to be part of this beacon project for green steel in Germany”, says Nadine Despineux, CEO of RENK’s Marine & Industry Division. “With our innovative gearbox solutions for the compression of hydrogen, we regularly push the limits of what is technologically feasible with incredibly high speeds. This way, we are already helping to reduce CO₂ emissions in steel production by around 30 per cent. Water is then produced instead of CO₂. This way, we support our customers significantly on their way from fossil energies to climate neutrality. And we see great growth potential, because the entire industry is currently converting its production processes.”

“With our technology, our customers are able to switch to hydrogen-rich reduction gas without structural changes to the integral gear compressors. As the name suggests, the gearbox is an integral part of this. We are glad to have RENK-Maag as a strong partner at our side. With this beacon project, we are supporting our industrial customers on their way to decarbonization and are thus an important building block for the steel industry to achieve its CO₂ reduction targets,” says Clemens Förster, Sales Manager of Siemens Energy Compressors GmbH.

“Our high-speed gear units for compressors are an important component for the ramp-up of the hydrogen economy – whether for storage, processing or transport. These turbo compressors are characterized by a high pressure build-up and are suitable

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