Weima Electric is committed to becoming China's professional industrial products and drive system sales and service brand to help our customers improve their competitiveness.

More than ten years of focus on industrial drive products - professional

With more than ten years of industry experience, Weima Electric provides more optimized professional advice for high-quality, special-purpose, new and advanced industrial drive product needs.

One-stop integrated drive system – convenien

Weima Electric can provide one-stop overall drive solutions from motors, reducers, frequency converters, bearings to PLCs and human-machine interfaces.

Selected international first-class brands - trustworthy

High quality, advanced technology and excellent service are the core criteria for Weima Motor to select suppliers, such as RENK, TECO,  Marathon Motor, WEG, ABB, Siemens, etc.

Management Idea of Weima Electric

Know products, Know customers better, meet or guide customers' needs honestly in a more convenient way.

Know products: Vertical products, depth and horizontal products of the same kind should be very well understood.

Know Customers: Deeply understanding customer needs combined with our understanding of products to provide a more perfect solution.

Convenience: Continue to provide more convenient services. Such as lead time, problem response time, product integration, etc.

Honesty: No actions can violate the principle of good faith.

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